About Me

I am originally from Tralee, Co. Kerry, but currently residing in Ballincollig, Co. Cork, with my husband Pat, our two dogs and cat.

From a very young age I have had a pencil, crayon or paint brush in my hand, drawing, colouring and painting everything I could see.

Growing up in Kerry I was very lucky to live close to some of the most picturesque scenery on this planet, with the Slieve Mish Mountains as my backdrop, depending on the weather could be dark and foreboding to warm, full of life and inviting, ranging in a palette of colours from season to season making rainbows jealous.

Tralee Bay not only provides a rich habitat for a diverse variety of wildlife it is home to some of the best beaches in the world.

It is very easy to see, how this natural source of beauty, provided me with some of my early inspirations that have lead me to paint landscape and wild life imagery.


Art by Eibhlin Higgins

In 2006 , not wanting to be purchasing just another typical gift for a very close friends of mine, new born child, I decided to paint a unique once off present.

The success of this painting, generated a great interest that has lead to multiple commissions that have been sold internationally, including UK, Europe and America.


The majority of my commissions are unique, one-off paintings ideal as birthday, Christmas, christening, new-born presents. I have undertaken a variety of commissions including portraits, still-life and landscapes.

I work predominantly with both acrylics and oils, on canvas and paper, I also used mixed media including, inks, pastels, pencils, clay and plaster.

I am also interested in other forms of creativity and indulge in crocheting, card making, sewing and macrame.

How I work

I work in a variety of ways from my studio that is situated in my back garden.

Depending on the subject matter I use a sketch book for layouts and practice, scour the internet for images relevant for requested works and use pictures provided to me by my customers.

Due to the current crisis the Covid-19 has put on this world, the demand for my services have increased as more people are valuing specialized products and are now shopping local.

Due to this increase in demand there is an additional delay in the creating of my beautiful bespoke creations.